December 21, 2019

I wake up each morning and my first thought is “What have I done?”  The second is “What will I do?” Today is the Solstice, a point between… Today, the first day of winter is really the first day of summer, of increasing light.  It is the turning point, the New Year, a celebration of light, the birth of the Sun. Like a new moon, tomorrow brings a new sun that will grow in our hemisphere to a culmination in faraway June. This pattern of Solar rebirth was in place long before there were people to tell stories about it. So perhaps, time is timeless. 

There was a time when we placed prayers in the dark night of the new moon so they could be carried to fruition in the growing lunar light. In so many ways, we do the same now – Christmas - the birth of hope, New Year’s resolutions. Let the Sun carry your prayers to a summer of fruition. No need to go to Stonehenge, wherever you are, it is happening there. 

What will I do?  Happiness for me can only come with some spark of creation to coax into flame.  I am working on a class called Stellar Advice to enable the philosophies found in Astrology to talk to us about life, growth and self-acceptance, and interaction.  The thought of doing this on Zoom makes me eager for many graphics.  And – Made with Magic in Mind - I am making beaded curtains or wall hangings to capture the light.  They will be on our Etsy site as soon as I can figure out how to photograph them. I will begin one today made of Cobalt beads and silver stars to honor the Solstice.  How do you celebrate this season?


Cynthea's Blog

December `14, 2019

I have been reading Facebook for years but, as I stand here on the side, it is rather like watching the expert jump rope girls swing double and then triple ropes. I just don’t know how to jump in. I wanted to, planned to, jump in. Not only how but when…? The Solstice – either one, birthday, new year.. when I win the lottery or…. How about a time of large change. That has happened so now, now I will jump. 

We moved to Missouri in January of 1994. I was 48. I am now 73.  Twenty-five years in rural Missouri and I have loved it. I found mystery, magic, purpose, and dogs in abundance in Missouri. Joy, heartbreak, hardship, and blessings… and now some tick in the cosmic clock has put us on the road. 

The final few weeks of attempting to leave Licking were a nightmare. We were lost in a deluge of detritus from my compulsive collecting of treasures, stuffed animals (now called plushies that I will get on eBay – I promise), and dogs. We now have 3 dogs. We lost Oscar, our ancient 1 tooth Dachshund on the day we left. He hadn’t been out of bed to eat or pee for 2 days. He was 18 and I am thankful for every day we had him. 

Angie and family were moving in as we moved out. We would clear a room with her help and she would fill it. Finally, we simply left leaving a houseful of things for her to pack up and put in the garage for us. Now I have a long list of things I didn’t mean to leave behind. Mundane things, soap, and Advil, a letter opener that belonged to my father, each day puts more miles between me and the things I left behind. They get smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror of my needs. 

From Texas to Louisiana to Mississippi and on to Port St Joe FL. We have been “On the road” for 2 weeks and 4 days. I am surprised to say I love it. In the honeymoon stage of living in a very small space just off one road or another, my comfort mystifies me.